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Cast List

I’ve put together a list of cast members. Again, it’s first come, first serve as far as who plays what character. If there is an * next to the name, it means that character is taken.

Studio 60 cast for Role Play ** if you can think of anyone else you’d may be interested
in playing, post and let me know.**

*Matt Albie                   Head writer, executive producer

Danny Tripp                 Executive producer

*Harriet Hayes               Cast member

Jordan McDeere           NBS president

Jack Rudolph               Chairman of NBS

Cal Shanley                  Director

Suzanne                        Matt Albie’s  PA

Tom Jeter                     Cast member

Simon Stiles                 Cast member

Jeannie Whatley           Cast member

Dylan Killington          Cast member

Samantha Li                 Cast member

Alex Dwyer                  Cast member

Andy Mackinaw           Lead Writer

Lucy Kenwright           Staff writer

Darius Hawthorne        Staff writer

Wilson White               CEO of NBS

Also, If your post is long, please do utilize an LJ cut. Thank you :)

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