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The rules of the game

Rules of the game
  1. All players must be at least 17 years of age
  2. Any player found to be less that 17 years of age will be asked to leave.
  3. The game is set up for role-play style play.

A)    Role-playing style involves both action and dialogue. Action will be depicted by using asterisks to denote the action. (e.g. *he rolled his eyes at Danny’s suggestion.*) Dialogue requires not special formatting. ( *He rolls his eyes at Danny’s suggestion* Why would I do that, Danny?)

B)    Players may comment in all posts, unless the post in noted as “locked” or “private” (e.g. [locked from Matt] or [Private].


  1. Players must be post or comment in the game at least once every 2 weeks to be considered an active player. If after two weeks there is no play from a character, there will be warning issued. The player will have 4 days to return to active play. If there is no response after those 4 days, another warning will be issued. After that time, if there is no reply the character will be noted as available for adoption.
  2. This is not an AU (alternate universe) game; please keep the storylines within the realms of reality. You don’t have to follow cannon, but no space aliens, please.
  3. While no one here will be grading for grammar and punctuation, please do your best to make your entries easily readable for all.
  4. Be nice, play nice. This is a friendly community. No bashing is allowed at ANY time.
  5. Have fun!!!!



The rules are subject to change at any time.


Any questions and/or suggestions may be directed to smossycat@yahoo.com.

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